About us

Sukriti Arts is a well known name in the field of cultural and ethnic artware with collections of Unique arts and crafts from the Heritage-INDIA.

We believe in bringing India’s cultural diversity together in form of various arts and crafts from across the country so that a customer can experience whole of India under one roof.

We have an item to gift on any and every occasion so as to make social bondings stronger.

Be it a  Raslila(On Silk)/ Radha-Krishna(In Metal/Silk/Canvas) to gift to your loved one,

Pooja Thaali(On Marble/Steel) for your Grandma,

Lord Ganesha(In Marble/Resin/Metal/Semi-precious stone/Synthetic) for Goodluck and an auspicious beginning ;

Portraits(On Canvas/Silk/Paper) for new Home,

Mirrors(Wooden Inlay/Meenakari) to look into that real you,

Buddha(Wood/Marble/Metal) for peace,

Flower(On Paper/Silk/Canvas) paintings to decorate the lobby ,

Marble wall clocks to keep you right on time,

Giant Elephants(In marble/wood/semi-precious stone) to welcome a guest,

Marble fountain for the entrance,

Jewellery boxes to keep your jewellery safe,

Flower vase for keeping flowers in house,

An Urli(In marble/metal)  with flowers for the SPA/GYM ,

A wooden pen stand cum Business Card Holder for your office with your name inlaid on it,

A face tissue holder(In Marble/Wood) for your Car,

a lamp to eliminate darkness,

Tanjore painting to give the wall that rich and exquisite look,

Make-up boxes for that look,

Decorative show pieces for the living room,

Traditional Music set for the classical music lovers,

Door stoppers(In Marble) to let the breeze come in,

a lion sitting outside to secure your home..

Welcome to the world of exclusive and unique handmade items


Namaste & Welcome to Sukriti Arts.